September 4-6 2009
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ValhallaCon : September 4 2009 : Bellingham science fiction convention : Bellingham Airport Hampton Inn : Where Heroic VikingCons Go When They Die


Hospitality: 3 pm to midnight

Gaming: 3 pm to midnight

Dealer's room: 5 pm to 8 pm

Registration: 3 pm to 10 pm

Fri6 pmOpening Ceremony Panelists
Fri7 pmFictional LinguistincsFictional Linguistics Do your names sound made up? A linguist talks about how to use linguistic principles to give your names and words -- and your worlds -- more depth. John Lawler
Fri8 pmWhat Editors Want: How to break into the short story marketHow do you catch the eye of a magazine editor? Editors and writers offer tipsDeb Taber, Patrick Swenson, Richard A. Lovett (m)
Fri9 pmMeet the Bellingham Authors (in Hospitality)Come and socialize with Bellingham's established and up and coming science fiction and fantasy authors. This event will be held in hospitalityAlma Alexander, Deb Taber, Clete Smith, Julie McGalliard, Keffy R. M. Kehrli.
Day10 pmUltimate Vampire SmackdownSpike vs. David: who has the coolest hair? Louis vs. Edward vs. Angel vs. Bill: who mopes best? Christopher Lee Dracula vs. Bela Lugosi Dracula? Gary Oldman Dracula vs. David Carradine Dracula? Buffy vs. Anita Blake vs. Blade vs. Van Helsing: who is the most awesome vampire slayer?
We don't pretend to offer answers, we just want to talk about vampires and make fun of Twilight.
Julie McGalliard, Paul Carpentier


Hospitality: 9 am to midnight

Gaming: 9 am to midnight

Dealer's room: 10 am to 6 pm

Registration: 10 am to 4 pm

Sat10 amFoam WarsJoin Foam Wars for a discussion of fantasy-style combat and learn how you can get involved. 
Sat11 amJack Skillingstead Kaffeeklatsch
Sat11 amGrandma's Intergalactic Bed and BreakfastAuthor Clete Smith will discuss how he got the idea for the novel and how it got to its final form, followed by a reading.Clete Smith
Sat12 NoonThe Short StoryHow do our authors craft a short story? Do they outline it first or just start writing? Where do they draw their inspiration?Nancy Kress, Richard A. Lovett, Jack Skillingstead (m)
Sat12 NoonGeorge Dyson Kaffeeklatsch
Sat1 pmVonda McIntyre Kaffeeklatsch
Sat1 pmFoam Wars Demo (outside field)Get some sun! Join Foam Wars in the outside field for a demonstration. If weather interferes, this event will be held on Sunday at 1 pm 
Sat1 pmThe Young Adult NovelWhat are the unique challenges of writing a young adult novel? Do you adjust plotting, characterization, or other elements to suit a younger audience? Alma Alexander, Clete Smith
Sat2 pmGuest of Honor Reading: Nancy Kress
Sat3 pmProject Orion presentationGeorge Dyson presents a history of the Orion Project, a 1950s program to use nuclear bombs as spaceship propulsion. Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle used it to dramatic effect in their novel Footfall, to the detriment of Bellingham.George Dyson
Sat4 pmPeter Ward Ad-libJoin our panelists as they use Peter Ward's paleontology and astrobiology research to generate story ideasPeter Ward, Nancy Kress, Vonda McIntyre, Jack Skillingstead, Jim Kling (m)
Sat4 pmJonathan Sodt (aka Fenmere the Worm) Kaffeeklatsch
Sat5 pmNancy Kress Kaffeeklatsch
Sat5 pmLocal artist guest presentation: Guerrilla PublishingJonathan Sodt's specialty is what might best be called "hobbyist publishing" or "guerrilla publishing," with a focus on comics, but he has dabbled in poetry and short stories as well. If you've got work you want to show the whole world, and you want help, this presentation is a good place to start. Jonathan Sodt
Sat6 pmPeter Ward Kaffeeklatsch
Sat6 pmInternet publishing and promotion Our panelists will discuss novel publishing and promotional options for writersDeb Taber, Alma Alexander, John Pitts (m), Vonda McIntyre
Sat7 pmAlma Alexander Kaffeeklatsch
Sat7 pmHow I Sold My First NovelOur panelists recently sold their first novel. They'll describe the process and offer tips to aspiring writers.Jack Skillingstead, John Pitts
Sat8 pmJordin Kare Kaffeeklatsch
Sat8 pmGuest of Honor Interview: Nancy Kress
Sat9 pmIs Life Self-Destructive?Peter Ward discusses the ideas behind his new book The Medea Hypothesis: Is Life on Earth Ultimately Self-Destructive?Peter Ward
Sat10 pmThe Mathematical World of Juggling Jessica Reidel


Hospitality: 9 am to noon

Gaming: 9 am to noon

Dealer's room: 10 am to 3 pm

Sun10 amThe Future of BiotechnologyWhat will the exploding field of biotechnology bring in the coming decades? Advances in medicine and agriculture? Human augmentations? What dangers does it pose? Nancy Kress, Richard Sucgang, Noel Yap, Jim Kling (m)
Sun11 amSocail CartooningComic artists talk about reaching people through their artwork, through webcomics, newspaper strips, and commercial art. They'll also discuss the benefits and ease of working with and around other artists, such as in groups like the Bellingham School of Comics.Jonathan Sodt (m), C.S. Inman, Julie McGalliard
Sun12 NoonEvolution: Dinosaurs Among the MachinesWill computers and robotics undergo Darwinian evolution? How can the science of evolution help us understand the future of humanity and the machines that are so interwoven into our lives?Peter Ward, George Dyson, Jim Kling (m)
Sun1 pmFoam War Demo (makeup time -- demo will only be held if weather interfered with Saturday's demo)  
Sun1 pmHow to Resurrect a ConventionValhallaCon is the spiritual successor to the long-running VikingCon. What can we do to gain momentum and keep it going? Our panelists discuss.Echo Mae (m), Bobbie DuFault, Paul Carpentier, Mary Kay Kare, Julie McGalliard
Sun2 pmOnions & RosesCome discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. We'll take your suggestions to make the next ValhallaCon even better.The ValhallaCon ConCom
Sun3 pmDead Viking PartyJoin the ConCom in saluting the end of the inaugural ValhallaCon.
(And, since Valhalla is already where dead vikings go to party... this oughta be good!)